Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Shoes

Little Shoes....Little Steps...each one important unto itSelf! Stop for a moment, remembering how many you have already taken...Shhhh...quiet now....remembering that you are a spiritual being & there is no one else like you on the face of the earth, nor will there ever be another. Your steps are your steps!

Remember, mind imagery or sensing is different from actual experiences, but your subconscious mind will follow what you present “as being true.” Be as detailed as you can, knowing that each time you do, these very programs will be etched further into your subconscious mind. Do not worry if you feel awkward or feel like nothing is happening. Be patient with the process and you will receive the benefits. I like to use my journal for this purpose. Writing the details down, further etch them into the subconscious mind.


It’s time to design the separate gardens. Place an image at the top of your journal page, and follow with your detailed explanation. No need to be an artist. When I began inner organizing my life in this way I simply drew an empty rectangle to cue in my subconscious mind. If you like to think in action video, design a movie.

1.The master garden is called the Mind & Body Health Garden. This garden houses all of the body part “plants”. Without good care in this garden, the other life-area gardens will have difficulty flourishing. The MindBody Health Garden is your the most important garden. Your level of health will determine your success in the other areas of your life. You will come to understand that there is an "under-ground root system" that communicates between all of the gardens. Understanding this, keeps one motivated to provide the nutrition that is needed by the body systems. As you work directly in the "mindbody health garden" you will come to know your body systems in a more personal way. They will actually begin to communicate with you throughout the day & help you to achieve very positive outcomes, not only in "their garden", but in other gardens as well.

2. Your Relationship with Yourself heads the gardens on the left side of the path. This tells you something, does it not? You are indeed VERY IMPORTANT & keep in mind the under-ground root system. All gardens are connected.

3. Your Relationships with Your Significant Other is the very next garden & needs close attention in daily life, keeping it in balance & free from co-dependent weeds. As you learn to work this very important garden with emotional management & by providing "fertilizers", you can effect change with your significant other with less stress.

4. Your Prosperity & Work Gardens are next to each other BUT are not the same. You can actually locate prosperity plants in all areas of your life & will continue to plant more & more in this area.

5. Work Gardens are only a part of the goal-den path & not the whole path. Big news for some people. Many of us have an imbalanced path in this regard & so noticing this path-structure, will send the message to the subconscious mind that you are "in life-balance."

6. The Home Garden is part of the path. Whatever surrounds us is where our mind & body are living in that moment. It's healthy to remember this as everything is communicated through the root systems to all parts of our life. Usually we all have plenty of work & de-cluttering to do in this area of the path.

7. Whether or not we are "religious", we all have a spiritual part to our life. Even non-believers ! We all have a Higher Self & as we begin to take care of that "self", we will benefit from the underground communication system...........the roots.

8. We all have a future, be it one minute, one year or decades. What we do in this moment matters & will have outcomes in all areas of our life. The better we work in the future garden, the more likely we will achieve the outcomes we want. The future garden helps us to build our opportunities, one seed at a time.....................& don't forget the underground communication system that is feeding the future !!

You will be working with this over-arching image throughout the book. In fact, I suggest that you look at this EACH DAY to remind/etch the image into your subconscious mind. You are looking for "life balance" & asking the subconscious mind to bring this to you. Keep in mind that NOTHING you do or think is missed by the inner mind. Every single thought is seen as a "desired mind program", whether or not you want it or not !! The subconscious mind is like a servo-mechanism, a radar of sorts. When you play a thought in the DVD of the mind, your subconscious mind goes & find anything & everything to support that thought. It goes both outward into the world, searching & securing & also it matches old programs from the mind-storage & utilizes those to re-enforce the innocent thought. Sounds good, if you are playing something you want in the mind, but what if you are not????? This the Power of Attraction!

Self-Discussion & Journaling Work

1. Your mindbody health garden contains body part plants for every part of your body & lives on the right hand side of your path, all by itself. Why do you think that it is important to place the image in this way? Relax deeply & discuss this positioning with your subconscious librarian. Ask if there is anything more you need to know about this positioning.

2. Your relationship with yourself garden is the largest garden on the left hand side of the path. Why do you believe that this positioning is so important? If I hadn't suggested this, where would you have placed this particular garden? If it is a different position from the one above, ask your inner librarian why you made this choice in the past.

3. Notice the positioning of the other gardens & ask yourself if this is the way you would like them to be. What does this positioning say to you? If you prefer to change the positioning, ask yourself "why" & then consider if this would be the very best design for your goal-den path. Spend some time on these "small details", understanding that they are not small at all. In fact, they are very large indeed.


This experiential blog/workshop is based on my new book, "How Many Cookies Will It Take to Make Me Happy?" This book is not published as yet, but you have the opportunity to read it in it's unpublished state. If you are new to my writing, you might want to read the earlier mini-chapters. They are available on FaceBook, The PublishersMarketPlace & at the following link. Remember to scan down to find the earliest chapters & work your way up.
A bit of background.... we are working with creative Interactive Self-Hypnosis imagery, planting suggestions directly into the creative subconscious mind as you read along. What appears like a story is a series of self-hypnotic sessions, designed to bring about desired lifestyle changes. The inner mind is creative & rather child-like, loving to play with images, especially when they are emotionalized. Just like the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", well-planted mind images, can be worth hours of therapy. We can actually change or motivate in 1/200th of a second. So come along & look forward to some lifestyle-changing events.

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Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht is author of Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It. She is also the writer/producer of over 350 mp3/CD programs in the areas of medicine, health, prevention, addictions, self-development & sports for adults & children.