Saturday, July 09, 2005


I've been working in the field of disorderly eating and related addictions for many decades. I've come to know that there are 4 steps to winning the game of healthy lifestyle change.

We are all pretty much the same. I find with others, including myself, that we are all in such a hurry to climb the steps to success, that we often forget to do the research that is needed to set a proper plan in action. It is not enough to buy a book or go on a diet. While food choices are important, solving these issues goes way beyond that first step. Unfortunately, most individuals do not go beyond this and thus the reason for so much failure and frustration.

Most of us are sick and tired of our problems and want to be free of them. Many of our problems are heavy weights, interfering with our life as a whole. Other problems prove to be annoyances, big and small. Sometimes we don't even know "what we don't know" and so, it becomes a mystery as to what to do. All we seem to know is failure.

A question I hear all the time is "how can I be so successful in one part of my life, and be such a complete failure at things like eating and drinking that appear so simple on the surface?"

Have you ever considered that perhaps these things are not as simple as they appear? What if I told you that disorderly eating and bingeing fall into this very category? Would you be willing to re-visit your old beliefs and to explore these areas of your life with me?

You can do that right here in this blog... or by joining a free online class...or by joining the Boot Camp or other discussion groups. Those links are on my website at or You can also choose to work with my books or CD programs. No matter what you choose, do know this. It is, indeed, possible for you to learn to manage your disorderly eating and binge behaviors. You can curb sugar addiction.......and you can better your health and your life performance.