Saturday, February 27, 2010

Workbook Day 16 - Smaller Bites!

The great end of life is not knowledge, but action."......Thomas Henry Huxley

I'm sure you know many people who are always planning to make some kind of change. They are also famous for over-planning projects, often not being able to move to action. Letting go is vital for success. As you learn the art of letting go of you thoughts, emotions and body sensations, you will find yourself letting go of other parts of your life. The more aware you become, the easier it is to let go.

The Inner Coach part of this program was designed to teach the process of awareness, change and letting go in small workable segments. On the surface some of this work may appear child-like, perhaps considered as far too easy to make any appreciable change. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The answers to big dilemmas lie in simplicity. Throughout these daily lessons you are learning a large variety of tools, some meditative, some self-hypnotic, some utilizing other techniques including neuro-linguistic programming, mind management skills and specialized imagery.

Metaphors or images designed specifically for you are obviously much more efficient, as they correspond directly to your present subconscious mind programs. You have already begun to do work in this way in earlier lessons. When you work with a handful of your favorites, you will find yourself making changes well beyond your current conscious dreams. You all tend to live with such limitations. Even for those trained in these processes, the limitations are still there to be reckoned with. The good news is that the mind is filled with gifts. Each time you wake yourself up to any limitation, be it a thought or emotion, you can transform it into a gift. Keep in mind that you will be rewarded with bigger gifts when you indicate willingness to work with bigger limitations.

A tool you are going to introduce today is the tool of silence. Our days are filled with all kinds of noise and vibrations. Some our outside, others inside. As you become aware of noises, whether they be inside or out, you can introduce silence into parts of your day.

I can well remember learning this technique many years ago. Looking into myself, I realized that the first moment I recognized noise was even before I woke in the morning. My mind radio was already turned on, churning out things to do, making judgments, the usual should list and should not list. And right there before my eyes, the infamous "to-do list." With one eye opened, I switched off the alarm, turning on the real radio in some attempt to wipe out the internal radio. During those days I even had a real radio in the shower!
My meditation teacher advised me to notice my thoughts and label them. This simple mind exercise allowed me to let go of them. I sat on the side of the bed in silence for a few minutes just observing my breath. NO RADIO. As I write this, reviewing those moments in my thought bank, I can feel the sense of loss I felt at that moment. NO RADIO......How I missed the distracting noise. The silence was deafening and frightening. Label the arrival of my emotional state..................Now, into the bathroom , mindfully brush my teeth and shower while observing the arrival of thoughts, emotions and body sensations and labeling them. I started to hate the word "labeling." I WANTED MY RADIO. I WANTED TO SHUT OUT THIS SILENCE. My journey had taken a new road and my emotional child self did not want to go!


This morning exercise is a good place to start. Throughout the years I have limited my morning noise to the water running, the toilet flushing, the coffee perking and small, benign conversations with my husband. NO RADIO, NO TV.. NO ARGUING.

Deepen yourself now and call forth your Inner Coach. Choose a different deepening tool, one that you haven't worked with this week. Ask your Coach for the silence building file. Open it, notice you are the author and begin your review. Everything you need to know is already there. It simply hasn't been brought to consciousness. Remember to take some notes along the way.
Ways to bring silence into my morning and my day. ________________________________________________________________________

While you are at this wonderful slow brain wave state, let us go ahead and place a living, emotionalized plant.

• I look for silence.
• I practice finding and experiencing silence.
• I know more than I think I do.

Let’s have a look at lunch. Either you have this at home, at work or in a restaurant of some type. Most of us eat around noon or one o'clock. It is important to plan somewhat. If you eat at home or take your lunch to work, it is necessary to have the foods you need available without much hassle. You do not want to add stress to your food needs. While this may sound elemental and even child-like, my experience tells me otherwise. Those of fail to plan.....tend to fail.

Over the years I've found that a good shopping list, as well as an unfussy nature go far in the planning of lunch. Most of us tend to eat the same things week after week and while that is fine, when you change our nutritional food choices for the better, you often get bored more easily than before. For instance, if someone liked pizza and I said o.k., eat pizza everyday, few would have a problem. But taking pizza lover and suggesting that he/she have a large vegetable salad and broiled chicken every day, that person would tend to tire of that quickly, especially if it wasn't a favorite. Keep a good varied choice of foods available, trying to eat things you really like that are acceptable for lunch.

Personally, I have grown fond of brown bagging. I put quite a bit of thought into this process. Throughout the years I have developed some pretty good choices with little work. My biggest challenge is making sure that the needed food is in the house. Making extra stops to the market or thinking about food planning other than one day a week, isn't my idea of high level living.

Your Inner Coach is always willing to come up with some great ideas. Once engaged in the process, you will also start to notice suggestions in magazines, as well as many other ways. For now, ask to see the "new ideas for lunch file" from the subconscious library.
Some new ideas for lunch include _______________________________________________________________________

This is a great time to place some colorful and tasty affirmation plants. Be sure to energize them with emotional fertilizer.

• I care for myself at high levels.
• I look for new food choices.
• I treat myself well.
• I enjoy creating great lunches for myself.
• I am proud of my achievements.


Today you are going to wake up one of your intelligence factors. You have seven types of intelligence. They include linguistic, visual, physical, musical, intra-personal, inter-personal and logical or mathematical. You are going to work with your physical intelligence through your kinesthetic or feeling sense. The more exercises you do utilizing a variety of intelligence's, the more synapses you will develop in your brain tissue.


Go to the alpha state, sitting on the wave of the breath for a minute of so. Close your eyes if you prefer, after reading through the exercise. . Now take your hands and very lightly trace your face. Feel the entire outline, just as if you had never felt your face before. Now, take the tips of your fingers and very gently feel your eye placements, your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, your lips and your chin. Go back over the entire surface again, feeling the texture of the skin, noting and labeling at each observation. Imagine the skin covering your face with no structure underneath it, just like a paper parchment bag. Now feel the area in once again and slowly open your eyes. Note any experience.

Take a few moments to record your experience.

Inner observations about my face _______________________________________________________________________

Take this moment for inner planting.
• My body sensations are valuable assets.
• I have seven intelligences to explore.
• As I explore my assets my problems diminish.
• I'm in control now.
• I'm having a fresh start.


This experiential blog/workshop is based on my new book, "How Many Cookies Will It Take to Make Me Happy?" This book is not published as yet, but you have the opportunity to read it in it's unpublished state. If you are new to my writing, you might want to read the earlier mini-chapters. They are available on FaceBook, The PublishersMarketPlace & at the following link. Remember to scan down to find the earliest chapters & work your way up.
A bit of background.... we are working with creative Interactive Self-Hypnosis imagery, planting suggestions directly into the creative subconscious mind as you read along. What appears like a story is a series of self-hypnotic sessions, designed to bring about desired lifestyle changes. The inner mind is creative & rather child-like, loving to play with images, especially when they are emotionalized. Just like the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", well-planted mind images, can be worth hours of therapy. We can actually change or motivate in 1/200th of a second. So come along & look forward to some lifestyle-changing events.

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