Saturday, May 02, 2009

Meeting & Disciplining the Emotional Kids

In a nutshell, "manage your emotions or they will manage you." Most of us do know that, but exactly how does one go about doing this? Well, since I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, we'll do this with specific designed imagery & imaginology that entertains the creative or subconscious mind. The creative mind loves to be entertained & we can provide plenty of that, certainly enough to manage the emotions & then some. In my new book, "How Many Cookies Will It Take to Make Me Happy", we come to understand not just our emotions, but their energy & how it can be released, then transmuted or changed to foster any goals we may have lined up.

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It's time to return to the previous imagery. You have met up with many parts of you including your Therapeutic Self, your Unbalanced Self & your Higher Self. You know where to find your MindBody Health Garden & do understand about the underground root system that feeds the other Garden areas of your life including your relationship with yourSelf, your significant others, your work, spiritual life, home & future. You have come to accept that "you were born alone & will die alone" & that the time-line between those two points belongs to you & you alone. You are now much more aware of any issues with co-dependency & have unhooked many of those tendencies.

Your Unbalanced Self is grateful for your warmth & acceptance & is now ready to open some new growth areas for you. You are being invited to visit the path of this part of yourSelf & so let's go to where we're being led. After a short walk this part of you is indicating where the "playground" is located, right over there. You can see it ( or think it ) & it is much clearer now. Perhaps you can see the many children that are at play. Those are your "emotional kids". You met them briefly before, in the beginning of this workshop/blog. They basically fall into two groups; those that are helpful & those that are not helpful. You may also know them as positive & negative emotional states. Your observation tells you much more. Noticing that some are much bigger than others, you also can pick up the bullies, as well as the super-helpful ones, so you now understand that there are "degrees" of both positive & negative. Looking closer, the negative emotions tend to be a bit dirty & unkept. Their names are on their tee shirts which further helps in identifying who is who. The positive emotions tend to be cleaner & better groomed, as well as being better behaved.

Over there on the bench you can see their backpacks, one for each emotional kid. Your Unbalanced Self has permission to show us what's inside. Each backpack has a selection of DVD's. Some of these are old mind programs in the genres of negative or positive experiences. Besides the past experiences, the DVD's are filled with related thoughts & affirmations, each supporting the specific mind program. In addition to the old mind programs, you will find future-paced, or new mind programs, things that haven't happened yet. Again, some of these are in negative genres & other positive.

At this point you may wonder what these are for & why the emotional kids carry them around. It's really quite simple. You may not be aware, but you have a DVD slot in the middle of your forehead. The particular emotion that is in charge in any given moment, gets to place their specific DVD in that slot, thereby feeding your very own thought process. In this very moment, if you pay attention, you will find one or several of these programs playing for you. You didn't request them, but they are there nevertheless. And that's not all. Let me explain something about your personal DVD player. It acts like radar & is known as a servo-mechanism, attracting more of the same from your own subconscious mind library, as well as from the outside world. Now this would be fine if the DVD represented something that you want, but on most occasions it is involved in doing just the opposite.

Think about this for a moment. Your mind is busy, often super-busy, playing mind programs that are attracting experiences towards you, many of which you don't want. On the other hand, there are DVD programs that represent what you truly want & they may be sitting idle in the backpack of an emotional kid who is out of the loop.

It's now clear why your Unbalanced Self brought you here. You already know that this part of you cannot change things by itself. It needs you, the Balanced or Therapeutic Self to accomplish this. The Unbalanced Self knows that one of the reasons you are reading this book is because you have some issues with Disorderly Eating & if this is to be corrected in order to save the body systems from serious threat, then the emotional kids need to become disciplined.

But the playground isn't the best place to do this work. Your Therapeutic or Balanced Self is suggesting that we head for the schoolhouse, but before that, we're going to stop back at the MindBody Health Garden for some great nutrition.


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