Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angelic Gift Sharing



Gifts often come from the least expected places.

No matter how you look at them, thoughts are gifts. They are like plants that live in a garden, many of them stimulated by old belief patterns. Cleaning them up means opening new creative places for planting new patterns that can form new, carefully crafted beliefs. Remember, many old negative belief patterns came from others. Now, you have the opportunity to design exactly what you want.

When involved in belief-designing keep an eye out for obstructions or resistance. These are nothing more than old, left-overs. If one presents itself, stay aware and breathe from your center. Relax into the moment. Tilt your eyes up slightly. Locate the mind screen. Place an image or think your newly designed goal right there. This is a direction to your subconscious or creative mine that you don't want the left-over, but the new design instead.

If you are following along, you have disposed of the old coats or beliefs. Now, children from your past are coming towards you with gift boxes. Locate a special place on your Path for greeting your past childSelves, perhaps outside your "workshop." They are out of hiding now, desiring to share their power with you. Even the very youngest, now that they have been unburdened, have power to share.

You may wonder how this could be, for they are seem so vulnerable. While that is true, they represent your earliest survivors. They came into this life with a strong soul and spirit. They came with two books. One for teaching and one for learning. Perhaps in the past they were blocked by negative energy or sharing from others who were in need of their own healing, but your past Selves have been freed now, and their gifts are being given back to you.

As the children arrive, breathe in deeply, sensing yourself deepening, perhaps counting slowly back from five to one. When "one" presents itself, you find a beautiful golden egg-shape surrounding you, like a comfortable capsule. This is your private space on the face of the earth. The air is pure and energizing. Breathe it in. Notice that you can view life going on outside of your "egg", but it doesn't enter your space. You can observe the different scenes that take place in your life.

The "actor you" is playing out, experiencing emotions, learning lessons, even teaching some, but that is all happening outside of the true You. Others who you recognize as partners, children, relationships, colleagues and the other "players" on the world stage from those you meet at work, in the market, on the roads, see on television or hear on the sound-waves are present outside of your private space. You are disassociated from them. From this position you are able to correspond in healthier ways than before.

The gifts are ready for opening. The children have returned to their gardens, for their work is completed now. You are in charge. They have been released and wait for any re-programming you might like to send their way in response to the gifts. You and you alone are responsible for your life. You are the writer, director and producer of your life course.
Sense this feeling now as it enters your body....take time with this experience for it is life-changing for most of us, especially if your past included co-dependent relationships. It's are truly home now.

The opening of the children's gifts is a form of life review, but only experienced through the positive nature of these gifts. The childSelves who delivered them were in their pure spiritual states. Depending on your belief system, you might think of these as Angelic gifts or gifts from your Highest part of yourSelf.

I suggest that you take your time as you open the gifts. For me, I like to open them just before going to sleep at night, or upon waking in the morning when the mind is in a hypnogogic or very slow brain wave state. You can choose which gifts you might like to open. Listen to your inner guidance for that part of you knows what you need.