Monday, December 20, 2010

The Biggest Gift Ever!

Clips from ThoughtWARE - 101 Mind Programs for Losing and Maintaining a Healthy Weight - soon to be published in EBook.



Becoming & staying self-responsible! A very big challenge. Giving up blaming and making excuses is absolutely necessary, not only for weight and health issues, but for everything. This is the biggest gift you can ever give yourself because it is the gift of "complete freedom." If you haven't felt this, then you have truly missed out.

Accepting a gift always means giving up something. In this instance, we give up the habit of blaming and making excuses. An image I use for myself is a "big, deep hole." I've been digging at this for as long as I can remember. What's interesting is that no one every stopped me. There came a time in my life when I began wondering "why didn't someone stop me?" In those moments, I never asked the most important question. "Why didn't I stop myself?"

If you have never asked yourself these questions, please do. A big gift box will open for you. Gifts are things we receive for moving into self-reliance, self-resilience and self-honesty. Then, self-image and self-esteem "self-correct." You take back your power and then you come to the fantastic realization that you are free to live your life. It is your life. This is a huge realization for those of us who are living or who have lived in co-dependent relationships. This is the moment of letting go, as well as disallowing anyone else to take over what is yours.

There are several powerful images that I utilize for myself and in my work with others. I'll share some of these with you, but let your own mind show you the way. After you relax deeply and enter the following visualizations, ask your own Higher Self to take over.

Relax deeply into the chair where you are sitting. If you are following along, take the journey down to the "workshop of your mind." I'm waiting there for you.
Before we go inside, let's go around back. Locate your deep excuse hole or any other image that represents the times when you didn't take responsibility for yourself. Everyone has one, so just go and find yours. Then, take whatever tools you need to fill it in or disassemble it. This is telling your subconscious mind that you do not want to follow these patterns any longer. Mind images, suggestions and directives are very powerful and work quickly.

There are two golden paths that lead off from the back garden of your "workshop." One goes to your past, the other leads to your future. We'll start off on your Past Path. The capital letters signify it's importance, so always think of it in this way. This is where your Power and Resilience live. Honor it.

I'm giving you some binoculars so you can look way down....way down to the beginning. There you will find your parents holding you on the day of your birth. Whenever I go to visit my "newly born Self", I'm amazed at the youth of my parents. It's in this moment that I deliver love, compassion and forgiveness to them. Perhaps you might like to do the same. It is a very freeing prayer or spiritual message.
Find yourself in front of your parents. Your "newly born Self" is being handed to you. Feel the weight in your arms. If the baby is wrapped in a blanket, undo it and hold your childSelf next to your heart. Press gently .... again ....and now sense your newborn Self entering your heart. Sense the emotion of love.... Sense the emotion surrounding responsibility.... Sense the emotion of the freedom and joy of having this for yourself.

No one owns you. There is no such thing as co-dependency. You have a very strong purpose now. Each day you will care for yourself in thousands of ways, including your behaviors, habits you choose to keep, foods and beverages you choose to share, emotions you choose to entertain, goal paths you choose to follow....all while carrying yourself in your own heart.

These are powerful images. On the surface this may sound like a game, but what you are doing while placing these living images is instructing your creative, subconscious mind to go forward on these very special "goal platforms." You are starting at the very beginning and in the next blog you will move up the Past Path, removing negative belief coats from your earlier children, teens, adults....right up to the present you. Then, you will be ready to enter your Future Path.