Friday, December 17, 2010

Affirmation Workshop - Opening Stressors

For those of you who are following along, please go and relax deeply into the moment. You already know how to do this. If you are new to my writing, scroll down for some further instructions. Once you are deeply relaxed, return to your "workshop" and pick up your "Book of Stressors." Notice how heavy it is. Also notice that it has a beautiful leather cover with your name embossed on the cover. Trace your name with your finger. You are you. This is your book. It is heavy. It is filled with value.

Your subconscious mind directs you to look at the table of contents. Here you find your stressors divided into different categories. This makes it easier for identification purposes. The more stressors or "buttons" you find, the better for you. Not only can you release the body from the production of stress chemicals caused by these, but you can also diminish the compulsion or obsession connected to the stressors. That's the part of you that actually calls the stressor to return for another performance. "Let's get mad, sad, out of control, play victim and a host of other roles you do so well."

Stress reactions are made by choice. Nothing is stressful on it's own. In addition, most stressors are pure mind fantasy....stories we have sold ourselves and then share with others. We each decide what we will be bothered, annoyed or frightened about, as well as the level that we choose to be effected. Each time we tell the story, either to ourselves or to someone else, the stressor button becomes more golden...more valuable in a negative sense.

So, now you know why it is so important to locate these. As you look at your "table of contents" many will jump into your mind. We have stress buttons in relation to specific people and experiences. Then, there are those more generalized. Think about things you don't like to do or particular behaviors you don't like in general. Tell yourself "all of the things you don't like, in other words, your life complaints." Be sure to look in the area having to do with yourself. These are often the most toxic. The things you don't like about yourself usually have huge stress buttons.

Some stressors will be hidden, often forced into hiding by toxic emotions, especially anger and fear. You may even hear yourself denying having a stressor or even stress in general. "I don't know why I binge at night. I have no stress in my life. My stress has nothing to do with my eating issues. I exercise. I meditate. I'm happily married, have perfect children and even my dog is a pure delight." The need to be right, being judgmental about yourself and others cause great stress to build in the mind and body. And, stress needs to be released. The body and mind need balance....this is called homeostasis.

Now, look to your stress-release mechanisms. These are usually addictive. Be sure to look beyond substances such as caffeine, food, sugars, beverages, alcohol, smoking and the usual ones. Look way beyond those....see if you can find addictive behaviors or emotions. Look beyond the usual behaviors that are more on the surface. Go down deep. They are often the most difficult to find and then to own. Any secrets? Dig them out and bring them to the light. They won't hurt you. Secrets cause pain when they are hidden, but not when they are opened to the light. Forgiveness and compassion comes with this lighting.

In the moment you become aware of the stressor, you can release it with your breath. The combination of awareness and breath will not only diminish the stressor, but will "open" it. Inside the stressor are "golden opportunities". They are buried deep inside, but will show themselves if you are diligent about staying aware and releasing.
Here's the action steps...


You may be wondering, "What are golden opportunities?" These can be all sorts of treasures. Some things I've found inside my own stressors are keys to the triggers. Now that I have the keys, the triggers no longer work. I've also found great insight about myself and the origin of the stressors. Some were given to me "as gifts" from people I wanted to please and so I learned to imitate them. Others were things that people "sold" to me as good, or even great ideas, such as bingeing or hiding or lying. These are powerful awareness tools. I remember finding plans for stopping a particular stress reaction, one that could also be applied to other things.

So, be diligent! Get the job done! Have fun! Be grateful!