Monday, December 13, 2010

Shining the Awareness Flashlight


The mind screen is one of our most powerful resources for it allows us to view what's going on in our moment to moment life without "being in it." We are the observers and not the participants. Certainly, one could argue, that we are doing whatever it is, but when we take the position of "observer", we hold the power for change. It's like being the writer/producer/director of a movie or play. The "director you" sits in the audience seats observing the scene on the stage. For that position it's easy to see the big picture and to make the changes that will make the production better. This is exactly what you are doing.

A powerful image in the awareness flashlight. It works in the same way as the theater in the mind. When you hold the light and point it at something, you are also the "observer." The name of the game is to bring everything to the light. Some aspects need greater introspection. For example, if you find yourself in the supermarket placing cookies or ice cream in your cart, you want to shine that flashlight on that scene. The observer wants to ask some very pertinent questions. "What's going on here? What were you thinking? What was the motivation? What emotions are present? How hot are those emotions? Who is in charge? Now...a very important question. What were you NOT thinking? What is missing from this scene?"

So, your actions are not just simple little meaningless things. Without stopping the action with the flashlight, you miss out on the most important information and it is this information that will bring you to a higher level of self-management.

Every moment holds the opportunity for getting better and better. I used to ask myself, "How well can I do my supermarket experience?" Another question, "What will my shopping cart look like when I get to the check-out? Will I need to make any corrections before I empty my cart? If so, how did those things get in my cart? What was happening in those moments?" Here's another opportunity to take out the flashlight. In other words, it's not over until it's over.

It's both interesting and powerful to pay attention to the workings of your mind. Look and listen. Your inner chat and mind images are your teachers. They show you your truth and then, give you the opportunity to "ask for the answers."

Let's go back to my supermarket experience and the questions I asked myself regarding the cookies and ice cream. That particular day my emotions were running "very hot." My emotional child was completely out of control, not wanting, but demanding a reward. The inner dialog went something like this. "You never give me anything. I work very hard and I deserve this. I want it. I want it. I want it. Give it to me. No? Well I'm taking it."

On this particular day I found myself with a pint of Haagen-Daz in each hand. My emotional childSelf relaxed. Then, I became aware of what had gone on. As I shined the flashlight, my emotional self tightened up. It was difficult to move my body and my hands refused to open so I could release the two containers of ice cream. Another woman was standing behind me, "Take as long as you like, " she smiled. "It's so difficult to make a choice." OH....yes, how right she was, but I made a choice right in that moment. I put the ice cream back on the shelf and took my screaming childSelf to the car. I moved the seat back and began to meditate. I needed to get to a place where I could ask the right questions because this was a very big teaching moment.

As I went deeper down into the place where my very best flashlight is located, I noticed an image of my emotional childSelf waiting for me. She was wearing a very big wristwatch. I asked her to show it to me, then asked her why she was wearing it. "It's the hurry up watch. The hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry watch."

Identifying stressors is not always what it seems on the surface. Some are buried very deeply, others are multiplied making them appear "normal", but they are not. The hurry-hurry watch is one of these. If you keep an eye out for people zooming around life, you don't have to look far for those wearing this time-piece.

Relax now...go to the Workshop of Your Mind...pick up the book called "stressors" & ask your subconscious to show you what's going on. Throughout your day your thoughts will register the answers to this question, so stay alert.

copyright 2010 Elizabeth Bohorquez RN, C.Ht
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