Sunday, October 17, 2010

Exiting Depression Hypnotically

A great benefit of working hypnotically is the ability to "time-travel." One doesn't have to be journaling or working with a hypnotherapist to do this. In fact, most of us do it all day long and are quite good at it. We call that "being lost in thought." Sometimes ( most of the time ) we're in the past, but other times we do visit the future. This is called "future pacing."

I'm feeling ready to do some "time-traveling" and that is good news for me. It takes a certain amount of energy to do this, and so....

Been resting in my "creative-healing space" for several days now. The depression and burnout I've been through have been exhausting, necessitating deep rest. Lots of body texting and emotional releasing. My emotional childSelf has been sitting by my side for the past few days. My exhaustion was so great upon arrival that she didn't show herself, so her presence tells me that I'm healing. She's out of hiding.

My automatic journaling has been very useful, opening some things, but mainly giving me a place to settle. One of the issues I experience when going through depression is my inability to focus on anything. Sometimes I'm so detached that it's necessary to write reminder notes to eat and wash my hair. Even then I don't want to move. Completely lost inside myself. Wandering around, but not moving. That's how bad it can be for me. I'm grateful to my journal for helping me through this. In the past, I often just sat waiting for it to finish, or at least to break open, so I could push through. Now doors present themselves with keys already in the locks. This is the joy of automatic journaling.

Feeling energized in the "creative healing space" is different than feeling hurried or pushed in the "circus of the world." It's like the energy here is clean, removed from the pollution of life activities. The "to-do twins" are not here to interfere with their head-spinning chatter and line-up of all the things fighting for my time and energy, polluting it further.

However...even though I'm in a different place, I notice a certain fear arising from the rebirth of energy, for it reminds me of how I got to my burnout-depressive state in the first place. I'm reminded by my Journal Master that this energy is different and so I relax into it. When fearful, I hold back...when relaxed I bend forward, greeting whatever is in front of me. It's rather like skiing...lean back and down you go....right on your head. Lean forward and speed comfortably over the ruts and ice. This time I can recognize the new, clean energy.

I look to the keys already in the locks, one opening by itself, revealing a mystery journey for me. All of these doors are "time-line travel" related. I know I'll either be going back in time or forward into the future, but I won't know until I allow myself to float into the space. Floating offers a wonderful sensation, similar to flying dreams, only with floating one can choose to do it whenever ...

It's easy to prepare to float. The sensation is already known, therefore the mind file is always ready to be activated. I take an entrance breath, bring forth the floating sensation, stepping into it. No need for a seat belt, just lifting off, rising above everything, then finding my desired altitude. Inside the sensation that moves itself with me in it. Having no idea where I'm headed and enjoying that. In conscious life I tend to be an over-planner, and while that can be a good thing, it is also wearing. Deciding to rest in the floating for awhile. Be back to my journal in just a bit.

Back....the floating deepened my trance state allowing me to feel very centered. I've landed in a particular area, not chosen by me or so I believe. Rather like getting on a plane, not knowing your destination, but feeling that you're in the right place. That's where I am now.

Exiting the floating bubble I sense happiness and love all around me. I know these feelings, but they have a foreign twist. I ask my Journal Master about this.

"They seem foreign because you've been away for quite awhile. Depression is like living on a different planet. Life is meant to be a loving place. You design your own environment, no matter what else goes on around you. This is the major lesson of why you are here. This is your purpose. The rest of life's "things" simply entertain your ego, but are also catalysts for attracting love. You haven't been utilizing them in this way. Instead, you have bought the sad, depression package and it's no bargain."

Seeing this in the morning light awakens me. Of course, I already know this, but knowing is not the key to staying in the light. There are things to be done on a moment to moment basis. I breathe in the air in this old, but new environment, understanding that this is always available to me.

I am free to each moment!